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In this website you will find the names of more than 45,000* descendants of Wendel Laumeister, 1750 Immigrant to York, Pa. Because this tree displays information about our living relatives access is restricted only to family members, upon request. None of this info has been uploaded to or any of the pay-to-play genealogy sites.

If you are named or descend from a Laumaster, Lawmaster, Loumaster, or Lowmaster, simply request access to see if you are in here. If you're not I could be missing you, or in many cases as I have done over the years, I can help you connect. Registration is free for family but please be prepared to contribute something to the tree. For those researching associate lines with our family, contact me and I will be glad to share what I can.

"Many years ago when I was about five or six years of age, my Grandfather John Lowmaster who was then about eighty years of age, and still quite active, had me go with him fishing on the Little Mahoning Creek, which flowed by our little farm. I remember asking him at this time who his grandfather was; and he said Wendel. I remembered that; and as I grew older, began to gather what information I could about our ancestors.

"Since the year 1750, the descendants of Wendel Lawmeister (anglicized to Lowmaster) have become so numerous and so widely dispersed that it would be impossible to trace them all. Some years ago, while living in York, Pa., I was able to purchase a book, "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants," by Professor I. Daniel Rupp, from the Aurant Press, Harrisburg, Pa. Although it was out of print, they still had the plates and printed a copy for me. In it I found the name of Wendel Lawmeister."
- Rev. Vane H. Lowmaster

I was 17 years old when my granduncle, Rev. Vane Lowmaster (1892-1987), published a soft cover book simply called Lowmaster and gave me a copy. It was interesting but it sat until the pages became crisp. But the seed was planted. One day I asked my Grandpa Lowmaster how we were related to the Lowmasters in Punxsutawney and he told me we weren't. Out of that conversation grew what would become a 25-year project to see if everyone named Lowmaster was related. I concluded that they were and eventually included people named Loumaster, Lawmaster, and Laumaster -- all descendants of Wendel Laumeister, 1750 Immigrant to York, Pa.

My focus for more than 20 years was simply tracking people named Laumaster (any variant). Only more recently have I agreed to track some maternal lines as well, which one will find, are not as well developed as the lines for Lowmaster, Lawmaster, Loumaster, or Laumaster.

Please note that there is information about living people in this tree. In many cases I promised submitters I would not upload their information outside of this private tree. Therefore, I ask all users to respect this. Do not take any information about our living relatives and upload it to a genealogical site. - Barry Sherry

*There are more than 44,000 names which include 36,500 descendants of Wendel Laumeister and 7,500 associated names, i.e., in-laws (parents of spouses)

Copyright 2023 Barry Sherry


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The focus of this project is to follow people named Laumaster, Other lines, usually maternal and therefore the name changed, are developed and added upon request or submission. Since 2015 there has been a greater focus on using DNA matches to develop lines. DNA without documentation is just a clue so these lines are being documented to support the DNA matches.


This private tree contains more than 4,000 photos. Although there are many sources, the four main sources of content are:
  • This Author
  • Obituaries
  • Facebook
  • High School Year Books Collection

In general, photographs are copyrighted and one is prohibited from using them for commercial purposes. This is a private, free, website. All photographs have the source information listed. It should be noted also all these photographs are readily available on various websites if one looks. In other words, if I found them, you can too if you know where to look. Still, if someone sees their Facebook photo and despite it being publicly available to millions to view, if they don't want it available here to about 50 registered users, kindly ask me not to use it and I will comply.

Also, I don't post baby photos unless those are the only photos of a child that died young. Otherwise kids change so quickly. I do and will post pictures of my children plus other close family/friends who I know will not mind and may even request. And I do like those senior pictures.


We also have a private family page on Facebook. More than 500 family members receive notices of births, deaths, and marriages, and occasionally some other news of interest as well.

In this tree there are more than 5,000 Facebook links included.

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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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